Youtube Watchtime

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Rate: $12/1000
Start: 0 – 8 Hour
Quantity: 300 – 10K

✔ Lifetime non drop guarantee
✔ 15 Days Refill
✔ Use video longer than 15 minutes for best performance
✔ Embed must be enabled
✔ Time per view: 25 – 30 minutes (average 28 minutes). You self-balance the number of views to buy enough to 4000 hours.If you use a video longer than 30 minutes: 1000 views = 450 – 500 hours of viewing

* The system does not have a separate counter, so it only depends on the number of views starting and ending on the video to calculate views, so there are natural views mixed in the system during the running process.
Tip: you can use multiple videos longer than 30 minutes in the same channel so that the order can shorten the completion time to 4000 hours.

Example: Use 8 videos in the same channel. Each video orders more than 1000 views. Then it only takes 2 days to complete 4000 hours.

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