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TikTok creators can choose to let users save their videos, but the option to enable video downloads is not available for all TikTok account types.

TikTok users can save videos to their devices providing the channel owner has enabled video downloads for their account. Due to their short and amusing nature, often thanks to the funny filters that TikTok continuously releases, TikTok videos have proven to be highly popular and often go viral both on and off the platform. While saving a video can be useful when sharing with friends over messaging apps or other social networks, not every TikTok video can be saved and downloaded.

TikTok has been rapidly growing in the past few years, resulting in the short video platform becoming one of the leading social networks of today. TikTok provides users with quick vertical videos, which are easier to watch compared with regular videos. In fact, their popularity has resulted in other big tech companies releasing features that mimic TikTok’s style, such as Facebook’s Reels and YouTube’s Shorts.

TikTok content creators can choose to let users save their TikToks to devices, although users under sixteen years of age don’t have the option to enable TikTok video downloads for their account. Likewise, users who have their accounts set to ‘Private’ also don’t have the option to enable video downloads. In other words, TikTok videos can only be downloaded from ‘Public’ TikTok accounts.

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